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Feb 28 2023 Release

We have added a Notion integration with support for all of their API endpoints.

@trigger.dev/notion - v0.1.24

The Notion SDK allows you to create, update and delete pages, databases and the content inside them. It also allows you to search and add comments.

Everything you can do using the Notion API is now possible using Trigger.dev.

Feb 27 2023 Release


We’ve retooled our Templates system to make it easier to get started with the new create-trigger CLI:

create-trigger demo

We’ve also added a few more templates:

@trigger.dev/sdk - v0.2.18

  • Make the schema an optional param for customEvent and webhookEvent
  • Give a better error message when the API key is invalid
  • Added a more helpful error message when missing an API key
  • Added handly links to the dashboard in log feedback
  • Log out when a run first starts as well
  • Fixed an issue where using sendEvent outside of a run wouldn’t use the first param as the event id

create-trigger - v0.2.0

Initial release of the create-trigger CLI. This makes it easy to get started with Trigger.dev workflows using our templates.

Feb 21 2023 Release


We launched a new integrations system that makes it far easier for us to add new integrations to Trigger.dev. You can expect us to add integrations far faster from now on.

At the same time we added two new integrations:

@trigger.dev/sendgrid - v0.1.22

Send emails and add users to lists. If you use SendGrid and there are other API endpoints you need then definitely let us know.

@trigger.dev/airtable - v0.1.22

We have support for all of the Airtable record related REST API endpoints

  • Create a record
  • Get a record
  • Update a record
  • Update multiple records
  • Delete a record
  • Delete multiple records
  • List records

We will be adding webhook support soon so you can build complex workflows that react to changes in Airtable. If there are other API endpoints you need that we don’t currently support then please let us know.

Feb 17 2023 Release


We’ve launched a templates system that makes it far easier to get started with a new workflow and deploy it. You can choose from a list of templates, clone them into your GitHub organization and then easily run them locally or deploy them to Render.

CleanShot 2023-02-17 at 14 18 43

Initially we have three templates:

It’s ridiculously easy to deploy to Render.com from one of these templates.

Feb 10 2023 Release


  • Test editor now suggests example JSON for GitHub and WhatsApp webhooks.

Feb 7 2023 Release

@trigger.dev/sdk - v0.2.13

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes calling listen() led to an uncaught error. Also added some feedback in the log when successfully connecting and waiting for events.

Feb 6 2023 Release


  • Improved the onboarding experience for new users, as well as users creating a new workflow.
  • Test editor now suggests example JSON for customEvent and webhookEvent actions.
  • Added a support widget to the bottom right of the screen.

@trigger.dev/sdk - v0.2.12

  • Added runOnce and runOnceLocalOnly functions to support running custom idempotent actions. Docs
  • We will now serialize and send the Zod schemas for customEvent and webhookEvent to trigger.dev to support better test JSON generation (using json-schema-faker).

@trigger.dev/slack - v0.1.19

@trigger.dev/whatsapp - v0.1.17

Initial release of our WhatsApp integration. Includes support for sending and receiving messages. See the docs for more info.